PH Imbalances:

Low PH levels in spa water results in high acidity readings. At this low PH levels, your heater element and all other metal components will then fail. A good sign to notice that the water is low in PH is the tarnishing of plastic components, ball bearings in most jets seizing up. Get into the habit of weekly checking the PH levels.

Over Chlorination:

Many times we find that spa users tend to leave their spa over winter with water and turned off. During summer, they start it up again by adding alot of chemicals (bombing) to save money. This actually wastes money and could damage the heater coil, plastic fittings eg, jets, suctions, filters etc.. It is best to drain the spa completely of water, and make sure that there is no water left in the pipes. The result will be that this water present in the pipes will turn to high concentrated levels of acidity, and usually tends to eat away at the heater coil.

Winter Spa Usage:

I have been in the Spa Pool Industry for over 30 years, and I still cannot understand why Spa Owners tend to use their spa only in the summer. Why then do all Spas come with heaters? Is it not to heat the water on cold days i.e. in winter time? So what if your electricity bills are a little high? Why did you buy a Spa in the first place? Was it not for your health? Use your spa also in the winter, your body deserves it!!!

Filter Cartridges:

Did you know that most filter cartridges perform at their best potential ONLY after 6-12 months of use? No matter how well you hose them down, you will never clean them 100%. This is because microscopically germs, bacterial body fats, calcification are continually picked up during use.
Problems that will occur if filters are not regularly replaced are one or most of the following:

    • Cloudy water and or smelly water
    • Motor straining to suck, heater malfunction, error messages
    • Jet blockages
    • Body rashes
    • Sore eyes and or sore ears

Many spa users are not aware of these issues and have not regularly replaced their filters. When their motor ceases and the heater does not work and displays error messages, 97% of the cause is the filter.